Heating Systems

Fireplaces are very efficient and economical sources of heat. Installing one allows you to create effective and affordable heating in your home.

Hot Air Distribution System (HAD)

This system can be installed and operated independently of any existing system in your home:

  • HAD multifuel stoves are 70% more efficient than traditional stoves,
  • Separate external air inlet,
  • Hot air can be pumped into other rooms with a flexible twin-wall insulated duct,
  • Air flow can be controlled individually in each room,
  • Compatible with heat recovery systems.

Back Boiler System

This system can be easily adapted to an existing central heating system:

  • Inbuilt safety valves,
  • Full water temperature control,
  • Anti-freezing system control,
  • Compatible with pressurised and open-vent central heating systems.

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