DELTA 1200 corner right bio-Fire


Horizontal, corner biofireplace open on the right side is an ideal solution for fitting in the nook.

Manual: Biofire


Thanks to the double-sided fire vision, panoramic look and gentle front frame, it perfectly fits into the style of modern interiors. This type of biofireplace is often chosen in the case of open rooms, where different spaces are mixed e.g. living room with the dining room. Its construction makes the installation and connection to the flue pipe not complicated. It is simple in assembly and usage.

Standard equipment of biofireplace:
– Biofuel container: absorbing insert placed in container provides safety of the biofireplace and eliminates any risk of spillage of fuel, even in case of biocontainer’s overturning. Biocontainer is made of stainless steel. (ATTENTION!! Once the container can be poured up to 50% of its capacity. Larger amount of liquid may cause pouring it while possible tilting).
– Regulating handle for the container.

Assembly method:
It requires assembly in the wall nook.

Fuel type ;biofuel of biological alcohol
Weight (kg) ;21,0
Material ;painted steel
Width (cm) ;1200,00
Height (cm) ;48,00
Depth (cm) ;28,00
TÜV certificate ;No
Colour ;black
Type of biofireplace ;hanging
Capacity of bio insert (l) ;1,70
Glazing ;No



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