NBC 8kW Non Boiler Left/Right lift up

 3,119.00  2,807.00

Three-side glazing, great technical parameteres and precision of execution, these kind of features characterize this line of fireplaces.

Manual: Non Boilers


Three-side glazing guarantees maximum vision of the fire.
Smooth and quiet lift-up mechanism makes cleaning and service of the stove easier.
The housing is made of boiler steel with combustion chamber lined with Acumotte.
Air clean glass-forming system – limits the deposition of soot on the glass.
Heat-resistant glass can withstand temperatures up to 800oc.
Regulation of air supply for combustion.
Ash pan.
5 years Warranty

Rated power (kW) 8
Heating surface:  3.5-10 sqm
Flue diameter (mm) 200
Efficiency (%) ~ 83
CO emission ( after 13% O2) 0.1
Exhaust gas temperature (°C) 235
Weight (Kg) 238
Max wood length (mm) -400
Range of rated power (kW) 3-9
Material Steel
Fuel types -Seasonal hardwood (humidity max 20%), charcoal briquettes, brown coal briquettes
External air inlet -Yes


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